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Different Perspective to Your Business Developement

Creative Business Strategies

Get the Creative Idea

Consultation and Assessment

We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we also assess:
• your current operation system
• your management practices
• Your current financial status

Market Research

1. Mining your internal information sources
Within your organization, there may be several untapped resources that can provide valuable information. Sales, customer service and other frontline employees, for example, can provide insights into the competition, customer reaction to products, new product ideas and potential new markets.

2. Look at the big picture with secondary market research
Although it may seem counter intuitive, your market research plan should start with a scan of published information. Data from secondary research will give you a high level overview of market opportunities. It typically consists of previously collected information on consumer demographics, industry trends, market share, etc.

3. Dive deeper with primary research
Primary research (or field research) refers to the gathering of original information, through interviews and other first hand methods, specifically about your product or business such as :
• Online surveys
• Telephone surveys
• Direct mail surveys
• Focus groups
• Observation


Financing your business, commercial property, business loan

Our experienced team will evaluate your financial needs and help find the lender and product that fits your specific business needs.

While we work with a number of Banks, institutional and private lenders that can offer quick turnarounds, we are not affiliated with any one them, so we can provide you with a variety of options and find the best solution that fit your individual need(s). Here are some of the products we offer:

Arranging a wide range of commercial mortgages. we work with institutional and private lenders to get you the right mortgage for any of the following commercial property.

1- Mixed-use properties
2- Multi-family residential
3- Industrial buildings
4- Office buildings
5- Retail plazas
6- Warehouses

Assisting in securing various business loan such as

1- Start up loans
2- Business loan for expansion and development
3- Purchasing equipment
4- Acquisition of an existing business
5- Franchise acquisition loans
6- Assisting and arranging financing and insurances for your Export Development Plan


Goes without saying, that developing a comprehensive long term and short-term plan including your vision and goals that are in line with your budget is a must for the success of any business. We develop your business plan after in depth assessment, research and pinpointing the roadblocks in your business resulting in providing you with a practical step by step road map that guarantee you will get there.

Just like large scale enterprises, a lean and flexible structure that make maximize organization adaptability to the ongoing market changes is essential for small and medium size businesses. Let us show you how you can re-structure your organization to optimize productivity and maximize effectiveness yet not compromising your resources.


Creative Marketing Communication strategies to build your brand or rejuvenate your existing brand is what our team good at it.
We do assist you with your marketing tools from creative idea to designing, developing and implementing them: Bellow is some of the strategies that we offer depending on your industry and your products:

• Product and brand development
• Direct sales distribution
• Wholesaling
• E-marketing strategies and online presence
• Lead generation
• Seeding and nurturing
• Event Marketing, Exhibition and trade shows
• Marketing communication material
• Printing material such as brochures & catalogs, flyers, posters, banners, etc.

Monitoring & Coaching

• You receive one-on-one coaching
• develop a dashboard to monitor performance
• create an action plan with priorities for your project
• A final report summarizing situation analysis with recommendations and solution for you to consider as you start using your new system
• provide you with a financial practical and cash fellow improvement strategy

Franchise Your Small Business

Franchising is one the most effective and fast way
to expand your successful business and enhance your product distribution channel. However it is a very precise and tedious process that need an accurate planning with special attention to details. Having a dedicated mentor and consultant to take you through the process is so essential and would bring so much added value to the process. Marketinspiration team is providing a full consultation service from beginning to end. We assist you to go through the whole following task and stays beside you to ensure the completion and implementation of your whole franchise system.

Get organized. Structuring a franchise system

• Research and development
• How your business works.
• Develop a plan and operation flow chart
• Know how you want to grow. Expansion plan, to what level and area
• Develop the structure of marketing from signage to business cards to your full marketing strategy
• Staff training, structure and training procedure
Develop an operation manual to give franchisees a quick way to reference policies and best practices
• Create an approval process so that you sign off on major decisions

Liaison and communication with an attorney

• Franchise Disclosure Document
• Contract elements to create a franchise agreement
• Determine intellectual property protection and trade marking – Build and protect your brand*
• Communicating and membership with Canada Franchise Associations

Determine the Franchise fee and loyalty fee

• Upfront fee vs. ongoing fee strategy
• Loyalty fee – Should your franchisees contribute fees to a cooperative advertising budget
• Liaison with a franchise accountant for budgeting and setting the price
• Will you require a franchise fee deposit while prospective franchisees take time to come to a firm decision?
• Structure of the deal

Execution and operation

• Be picky in choosing the franchisee*
• Choose the right locations
• Branding and promotion
• Computerization and accounting systems Training
• Ongoing work with a mentor or consultant
• Support your franchisees

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