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Is Your Business Facing So Many Challenges?

We turn this threat to an opportunity for you

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Who We Are

Marketinspiration Inc. has been founded by a group of entrepreneurs, business developer and marketing professionals, professional accountant who have brought over 40 years of their extensive collective experience into the organization.

The organization is a full-service business Development and marketing agency who assists the business owners to initiate or expand their business between and take their performance and productivity to the next level.

Our team has an in depth understanding of the Canadian markets – through extensive involvement in trade, running business, establishing networks as well as higher education. At MarketINspiration, not only we are comprised of an internal group of experts, but we have also gained the partnership of various well established and well-known organizations, associations, and agencies in Canada.

Why You Need Us

In todays competitive market, majority of small to medium size business are facing so many challenges to be able not only survive but also to be productive and generate reasonable profit that worth the hassle. Due to limited resources, small businesses either have to ignore and neglect or sacrifice creating practical goal, vision , plan and lean and flexible structure.

At Marketinspiration Inc., we turn this threat to an opportunity for you. Having an expert consultant’s assistance who works side by side with you not only reduces the risk to a great extend, but it also decreases your overall cost and time invested in this process.

We help you to develop and implement a structured strategy for your business that not only guarantee your profitability, but also provide you with a road map to manage your  marketing activities more efficiently and effectively, thus granting you even more competitive advantage

What We Offer

Regardless at what stage of your business you are -either you are just at early stage of developing an idea for a business and starting it up or currently operating an existing business, our team of expert would be able to assist you to take your business to the next level. Our company provides full Business Development Service from conception to full implementation and execution of the business. Our services are included but not limited to providing on-hand information and consultation, setting up or acquisition of a business, marketing research, planning, marketing, networking, financing and assisting through the operation of your business.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

Consultation & Assessment

Market Research




Monitoring & Coaching


Beat Your Competitor, Be On Top


We meet with you to understand your business and objectives. During this phase, we also assess:

- your current operation system
- your management practices
- Your current financial status


Within your organization, there may be several untapped resources that can provide valuable information. Sales, customer service and other frontline employees, for example, can provide insights into the competition, customer reaction to products, new product ideas and potential new markets.


Our experienced team will evaluate your financing needs and help find the lender and product that fits your specific situation. While we work with a number of Banks, institutional and private lenders that can offer quick turnarounds, we are not affiliated with any one them, so we can provide you with a variety of options and find the best solution that fit your individual need(s).


Goes without saying, that developing a comprehensive long term and short-term plan including your vision and goals that are in line with your budget is a must for the success of any business. We develop your business plan after in depth assessment, research and pinpointing the roadblocks in your business resulting in providing you with a practical step by step road map that guarantee you will get there.


Creative Marketing Communication strategies to build your brand or rejuvenate your existing brand is what our team good at it.
We do assist you with your marketing tools from creative idea to designing, developing and implementing them. We do assist you with your marketing tools from creative idea to designing, developing and implementing them


• You receive one-on-one coaching
• Develop a dashboard to monitor performance
• Create an action plan with priorities for your project
• A final report summarizing situation analysis with recommendations and solution for you to consider as you start using your new system
• Provide you with a financial practical and cash fellow improvement strategy